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Athlete Profile - Natalie Khan, AKA: NAT

I met Natalie as she was undergoing her journey to take back her fitness. She had already changed her eating habits, had started running long distances and trying to add some variety to her training. She had been active before (you know, the before we all refer to...) but then had had to slow down her training due to school and then was ready for a new challenge. Nat has been with us at CFVM since the first workout on the first day, and is still enjoying the tremendous fitness that CrossFit is injecting in her life.

Enter Nat

CFVM: Hey Nat, where are you from?

Nat: I'm from the West Island of Montreal, but now I live in Deux-Montagnes, Qc.

CFVM: What do you in life, except train at our box?

Nat: I'm a lawyer-translator.

CFVM: Since when have you been a member of CFVM?

Nat: Since the day CFVM opened! I was there for the inaugural wod on August 8, 2013!

CFVM: What made you choose CrossFit over any other form of exercise?

Nat: Because it works! I've tried all kinds of exercise but never saw results like what I've achieved with CrossFit.

CFVM: What made you discover our box?

Nat: I used to train with Coach Roberto at another gym, and when he opened CFVM, I followed without hesitation.

CFVM: Before joining CrossFit, what was your fitness background? Now since joining, how has that changed/improved?

Nat: I was active in a variety of sports in my youth, but let that fall onto the back burner when I started my career. I gained and lost weight many times, tried all kinds of exercise programs but never made fitness a priority. In my mid-thirties, I started running seriously and did pretty well in the half-marathon distance. I started doing CrossFit for off-season training and was pretty much hooked from day 1.

CFVM: What have been some of your most rewarding accomplishments up until this point, and what are some current goals leading into the future?

Nat: There is so much I'm proud of, it's hard to be brief. I recently deadlifted 300lbs! Finishing in third place at the Montreal ZooBattle qualifier (masters division), getting to stand on the podium and participate in the finals was pretty awesome too.

My current goals are to get that elusive muscle up (soon!!!) and finish the Open in the top 200 worldwide in my age group and participate in the Masters Qualifier by 2020.

CFVM: What is your best/preferred movement, and not so best/preferred one?

Nat: I love snatches, overhead squats and (heavy) deadlifts. My favourite benchmark wod is Nancy. I don't particularly love box jumps, and my gymnastics in general needs work.

CFVM: Are there any changes that you’ve noticed about yourself since joining CFVM (ex. strength, endurance, physique, attitude, stress level)? If so, what?

Nat: Like many people, I started CrossFit because I wanted to lose weight, but today I train for strength and performance. I'm definitely the strongest I've ever been in my life (at 41 years old), and through physical strength, I have also found mental strength. I'm not afraid to try new things, and I know I can handle any difficult situation life throws at me.

CFVM: If someone were to ask you “what is Crossfit all about anyway?” what would be your answer?

Nat: "Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements" (duh ... I recently completed my Level-1 Cert), but I would also tell them that it's the most effective and fun way to become the fittest possible version of yourself.

CFVM: What would you say to someone that says “they need to get in shape first” before joining?

Nat: Haha! I was one of those people! Starting CrossFit was intimidating because it looked so hard and everybody seemed way more fit than I was. Today, I know that CrossFit can be scaled to any fitness level, and it doesn't matter where you start, you will see results pretty much immediately. Try it!!!

- - -

Thank you for your time Nat, and see you in the gym!


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