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Hugues Forté, AKA Hugues

I met Hugues initially as he and his friends wanted to have a go at CrossFit. They were all already training together at a regular gym, or had been working together at an engineering firm. The way I remember it, they were all in relative good shape, but the fact that CrossFit kicked their butts even if they thought they were in good shape kinda was like a cold shower to some of them, and they never came back. Others stayed and humbly took the beating that CrossFit gave them and those who stayed are now in much better shape, move better and are much stronger than they ever thought possible. Amazing what a little dedication can do! Hugues is one of our strongest guys now in the gym, and he deserves the credit for that he always will put in the hard work.

Enter Hugues

CFVM: Where are you from?

Hugues: Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, and now I live in the suburbs of this lovely town.

CFVM: What do you do in life, except train at our box?

Hugues: I work as an IT integration specialist and am the father of two kids.

CFVM: Since when have you been a member of CFVM?

Hugues: Since January 6th, 2014

CFVM: What made you choose CrossFit over any other form of exercise?

Hugues: Actually, the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games piqued my curiosity. Following a free trial, i got immediately hooked. It's a sport that really reflects my jack of all trades nature.

CFVM: What made you discover our box?

Hugues: Internet! I wanted somewhere near my workplace to be able to have a lunch workout and have as small an impact as possible on my kids' schedule. And once you're home, we all know how difficult it is to get back out to go to the gym...

CFVM: Before joining CFVM, what was your fitness background?

Hugues: I played hockey and soccer up until junior level in both sports. Then there's this weird time zone where I went semi-regularly to the gym. In 2005, I started running until right around 2012 with over 1000km per year.

Fun fact: I was a smoker for about 20 years. I stopped in 2005 when I started running.

CFVM: Now since joining, how has that changed/improved?

Hugues: I had done a lot of gym training but not with the intensity that CrossFit brings. Since starting CrossFit, I got much stronger and my body changed and adapted for the best.

CFVM: Did you do our CF101 program? If so, what were your thoughts about your it? What made you decide to join CFVM after that on ramp?

Hugues: Yes, I didn't know all of CrossFit's main movements, and it brought me the necessary basis to be able to enjoy it. I went with colleagues so it was an added bonus.

CFVM: What have been some of your most rewarding accomplishments up until this point, and what are some current goals leading into the future?

Hugues: To have started competing again and to feel like I can perform well again! As an objective, I'd like to be able to qualify for the "Masters' Qualifiers" and who knows, maybe even the games one day!

CFVM: What is your best/preferred movement, and not so best/preferred one?

Hugues: I have a bunch of preferred ones, but if I had to choose, I'd say 'thrusters' [Ed. note: we do not support Hugue's choice of favorite movement]. As for the worst, I'd say 'double-unders' without a doubt! [Ed. note: we support this choice].

CFVM: Are there any changes that you’ve noticed about yourself since joining CFVM (ex. strength, endurance, physique, attitude, stress level)? If so, what?

Hugues: A little bit of everything. I'm 45 years old and I'm always surprised at how much improvements I've done and still am doing. My PR's are higher than ever, but the best part is I don't see them stopping from increasing...

CFVM: If someone were to ask you “what is Crossfit Ville-Marie all about anyway?” what would be your answer?

Hugues: It's a place where you feel at home. There are people from all venues of life, all types of careers, of all types, all ready to have a good time and to sweat a lot! A place where we never leave a man or woman behind and where help and encouragements are non-stop, even through a few jokes along the way!

CFVM: What would you say to someone that says “they need to get in shape first” before joining?

Hugues: Do it! You're not going to be disappointed. Only good stuff ahead!


Thank you for your time Hugues, and see you the gym!

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