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Athlete Profile - Marie-Ann Beaudette, AKA M-A

I first met M-A as a colleague of someone who was already a member here. From what I heard, she was a very nice person and was in already a good shape, but needed a new challenge. I think she found her match here! There was a time when she was pretty much here all morning, every morning. When she started her online business, Gem Haul, her schedule was all over the place and she was gone for a while. Since it now is a bit more autonomous, she has some time to come train and is still making some progress. She seems to like us :)

Don't forget to go check out her business:


Enter M-A

CFVM: Where are you from? M-A: If I am to be precise, I'm originally from Taiwan, but raised in Mont-Saint-Hilaire ;)

CFVM: What do you do in life, except train at our box? M-A: Web integrator initially. My significant other an I have started our own business: Gen Haul, an online jewelry rental service.

CFVM: Since when have you been a member of CFVM? M-A: Almost since the opening, October 2013.

CFVM: What made you choose CrossFit over any other form of exercise? M-A: The combination of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, anaerobic exercises and the unknown workouts won me ('unknown' because I try to be present to the very first class of the day if possible). To add to that, I've never changed gyms since setting foot in CFVM because of the strong community that was created organically.

CFVM: What made you discover our box? M-A: An ex-colleague was recruiting a few members to benefit from corporate pricing.

CFVM: Before joining CrossFit, what was your fitness background? Now since joining, how has that changed/improved? M-A: I did many training programs like P90X, TurboFire (my personal favorite, short and efficient) and The Beast. No sports in general, I have shitty reflexes, but that's a whole other story.

The main difference since I started at CFVM is that I'm frequently brought outside my comfort zone. Contrary to what we can imagine, "peer pressure" is not the driving force here, but the fact that I registered to class. I'm there, so might as well use that time to profit me and not waste my time or the trainer's. The result: I improved my overall fitness in record time!

CFVM: Did you do our CF101 program? If so, what were your thoughts about it? What made you decide to join CFVM after CF101? M-A: Yes and I find it important. I enjoyed being coached on Olympic weightlifting movements. And since it's in small groups or alone with a coach, it's similar to personal training. I got hooked at the second CF101 class. It was the "next level" I had never gotten to in my own training alone. And an activity I had never done before. The fact of having done it with colleagues brought us all closer together. It's also close to both my home and my office. Bottom line, I had no excuse not to try it.

CFVM: What have been some of your most rewarding accomplishments up until this point, and what are some current goals leading into the future? M-A: CrossFit open 15.4 : Power Clean PR of 125lbs (it's like bringing myself to my own shoulders, +10lbs ), deadlift 210 lbs, a few strict pull-ups. One of my main goals is to eliminate my mental barriers. For example, as soon as I have a weight heavier than my own body weight to bring overhead, it becomes impossible in my mind. Also, to return to training regularly. Ever since starting Gem Haul, I decided that CrossFit was not a priority. Now that it's well set up and rolling by itself a bit more, and that the nights' purpose is to sleep and not do some business development, I can bring training back to it's former priority level.

CFVM: What is your best/preferred movement, and not so best/preferred one? M-A: Best/preferred is the deadlift. Overhead squats and snatches scare me. I'm always scared to drop the bar on my head or to fall under it.

CFVM: Are there any changes that you’ve noticed about yourself since joining CFVM (ex. strength, endurance, physique, attitude, stress level)? If so, what? M-A: YES! Everything listed up there. My own favorites are: strength and attitude. There are some weeks during which we push so hard that I'm too sore to open the jar of jam come the weekend. [Ed. note: we do not suggest eating jam ;) ] As for the attitude, coach Roberto keeps reminding us to stop with our excuses, that if we give 50%, we receive 50%. And that it applies to every facet of our lives!

CFVM: If someone were to ask you “what is CrossFit all about anyway?” what would be your answer? M-A: The community! If you CrossFit alone in your garage it's a little bit different, but if you become a member in a group setting, camaraderie evolves on its own and very tight friendships develop and stay tight even outside of the walls of the gym, all of that while having a solid workout.

CFVM: What would you say to someone that says “they need to get in shape first” before joining? M-A: Nonsense! The athletes who go around without a shirt on once had softer bodies, no worries. CrossFit is perfect to get back into shape as it's made for everyone. If your coach doesn't scale your workout because of your capacity then you have to switch gym.

- - -

Thank you fro your time M-A, an see you in the gym!

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